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This vanilla flip-flop air freshener will give you a taste of the holidays.

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Type of partsAccessories
Adaptable onAixam,Casalini,Grecav,Bellier,Chatenet,JDM,Microcar,Ligier
Packagingto the unit

Modèles compatibles :

AixamAIxam Minivan gp500.5 - VLGF25VBA
Aixam 400
Aixam Evolution 400
Aixam 400.4
Aixam 500
Aixam 500.4
Aixam gp500.5 - VLGF45VBA
Aixam A540
Aixam 721
Aixam 500 Evolution - VLGC45VBA
Aixam 741
Aixam 751
Aixam 500 Benz - VLGF49VBA
Aixam City
Aixam City 2010
Aixam City Sport
Aixam city pulse - VLGSV43AF
Aixam Crossline 400 - VLGK24VBA
Aixam Crossline 500 - VLGL25VBA
Aixam Crossline Benz 505 - VLGL24VBA
Aixam Crossline II - VLGK24VBR
Aixam Crossline pulse - VLGSV42AF
Aixam Crossline pulse petrol - VLGST92AF
Aixam Crossover - VLGSV45AF
Aixam GTO
Aixam Mega Multitruck
Aixam Mega Multitruck 2007 - VLGN94VBA
Aixam Minivan 500.5 Essence - VLGG29VBA
Aixam pick-up 500.4 - VLGE64VBA
Aixam pick-up gp500.5 - VLGG65VBA
Aixam Roadline
Aixam Scouty
Aixam Scouty GT - VLGL09VBA
Aixam Scouty GT R - VLGL09VBA
Aixam Scouty GT R petrol - VLGL09VBR
Aixam Scouty R - VLGK04VBR
Aixam Scouty R - VLGK04VBA
LigierLigier be two - VJRJS22FD
Ligier Be up - VJRJS22FE
Ligier Due - VJRJS42FDD
Ligier D'IXO
Ligier JS50 -
Ligier Optima
Ligier Prima
Ligier Xpro - VJRJS3002
MicrocarMicrocar Cargo Progress - VJRJS40FD
Microcar Lyra - VH840LYBBL0
Microcar M8 DCI - VH881BC
Microcar M8 Lombardini - VH881BL
Microcar MC1
Microcar MC1 Yanmar - VH851XY
Microcar MC2 Highland Lombardini - VH852PX
Microcar MC2
Microcar MC2 Yanmar - VH852XYSA
Microcar MGO
Microcar MGO Lombardini - VH861BL
Microcar MGO SXI Yanmar - VH861BY
Microcar Spid-
Microcar Virgo
ChatenetChatenet Barooder Lombardini - VMSCH22
Chatenet Barooder
Chatenet CH26
Chatenet CH26 DCI - VMSCH2610
Chatenet CH32 - VMSCH32
Chatenet Chatelaine
Chatenet Media
Chatenet Speedino - VMSCH24
Chatenet Stella - VMSCH14
BellierBellier Divane Yanmar - VF9DVB503
Bellier Jade
Bellier Opale Yanmar - VF9DPB503
Bellier VX550 - VF9XLD
MD *.JDM Abaca Lombardini - VGP09L2DB
JDM Abaca
JDM Albizia Lombardini - VGP08L2DB
JDM Albizia
JDM Aloe
JDM Roxsy - VGP10Y2DR
JDM titanium 1 - VGP97BSY29A
JDM Titanium 2 - VGP97BLY29A
JDM titanium 3 Lombardini - VGP97BLL2
JDM titanium
JDM X 5 jibs - VGP00089L1A
JDM X 5 Mono Lombardini - VGP00089D9A
JDM Xheos - VGP
CasaliniCasalini M10
Casalini M12
Casalini M14 - ZD5902498
Casalini Sulky
Casalini Ydea

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